We set out on a mission to create a fast, easy and environmentally friendly way to keep you energized. By adding a bunch of active ingredients to chewing gum the active ingredients, mainly caffein and vitamins are absorbed through the mouth and enters your system up to 6 times faster than coffee and energy drinks do. Take a gum 5-10 minutes before a physical activity or when you need to be extra focused. For greater effect take an additional gum during the activity. One piece of Good Gum (100 mg) is roughly equal in caffeine to a large cup of coffee, however since absorption goes through the mouth instead of your stomach, the effect will kick in way way faster without any of the sugars or artificial stuff they put in their drinks. To properly energize yourself makes the daily stride so much more rewarding.Β  Running 10 k, acing a presentation and making dinner for the whole family with the companion of a couple of pieces of gum. In short, We are the Unofficial sponsor of…….Your daily stride.

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