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100 mg Caffeine in one gum.

5-10 minutes

Created For The Energy

Made In Scandinavia

Our gums are made in Denmark located in Scandinavia.

100mg Caffeine

Our gums contains around 100mg caffeine which is in many cases more than regular energydrink

Healthy Vitamins

Our gums contain B3 vitamin, B6 vitamin and vitamin B12.

Solution for Your

Shopping for a quick energy source at supermarket is frustrating. Buy it, try it, toss it, repeat. Sound familiar?
Get a pack of gum made for getting some quick energy β€” with some of the top vitamins for your health. Made in Scandinavia

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Everything You Need for
Energized Day β€” in One Single

In one of our gums it's equivalent to one energy drink. But you don't get it in a bulky can and your body absorbes the caffeine much faster. Wait 5-10 minutes after you've taken one and you will be filled with energy!

Happy Customers

"Amazing gum! Perfect for waking up in the morning. I feel alert and ready for the day after chewing this"

Ester U.

"I like the caffeine gum, but 100 mg feels a bit too strong for me. I wish there was a lower dosage available."

Alex C.

"The flavor is fantastic! A great boost during long workdays when coffee isn't enough."

Matilda N.

"The effect was quick and reliable. Excellent for me as a student during study nights!"

Nellie T.

"I wish the effect lasted longer. After a couple of hours, I noticed I needed more to keep my energy up."

Zeferino G.

"Good product, but the flavor could be a bit better. But the product is great!"

Jeantte K.

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