When you chew GOOD GUM® you get a faster effect from the active ingredients than from traditional delivery methods such as capsules, beverages or food. Chewing gum bypasses the stomach and gives delivery through the tissues in the mouth directly into the bloodstream. GOOD GUM® delivers the active ingredients within 5 - 10 minutes compared to 30 - 45 minutes for a tablet or drink.



Drink plenty of tap water. The best hydration method since the beginning of the human spieces, ohh even dinosaurs swore by it.


Three old friends teamed up. We all came from very different professional backgrounds but shared a passion for excessive coffee drinking. As parents to small children and (at least one of us) marathon runners we saw a need for an intelligent energy delivery system. We realized that chewing gums was the perfect energy solution. 

We packed a chewing gum that weighs only 2 grams with 50mg caffeine. That’s equivalent to a cup of coffee. But with a fresh minty taste and superfast energy delivery. Plus vitamins to help your metabolism.

With this small and fast energy gum we started AB Svensk Vitaminindustri, an independent company without the muscles of global multibillion dollar brands but with a firm belief in the adventures of everyday life. To properly energies yourself makes the daily stride so much more rewarding.

Running 10 K, acing a presentation and making dinner to the whole family with the companion of a couple of pieces of gum.