What is Good Gum?
Good Gum is a new way to get energy. We have packed a lot of active ingredients into a chewing gum.

What are the ingredients in Good Gum?
The main ingredients include caffeine, vitamins B3, B6 and B12 and xylitol for good taste. The chewing gum is vegan.

How much caffeine is in a piece of Good Gum?
100 milligrams, which is about the same amount as in a large cup of coffee or an energy drink.

What are the advantages of Good Gum compared to energy drinks?
Because the active ingredients are absorbed through the mouth instead of the stomach, the effect comes much faster. Chewing a piece of Good Gum makes you extra focused and energetic in about 5-10 minutes instead of about 40-45 minutes for the same effect through a drink.

Who is behind Good Gum?
AB Svensk Vitaminindustri is the company behind Good Gum. We are a very small, independent company that has put almost all of our time, energy and mortgages into Good Gum. Wish us luck :-)

Is Good Gum biodegradable?
No, please recycle according to the instructions.

I can't find Good Gum in my local store, what do I do?
Send us an email and we'll arrange it, or better yet, talk to the shop owner and ask him to contact us, we'd be eternally grateful.

Is Good Gum something that everyone can consume?
No, Good Gum should be avoided during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Children should also wait to consume products with caffeine.

Are there any other benefits to chewing Good Gum?
A very fresh breath to begin with. By chewing gum, you are actually oxygenating your brain by a few percent, and as you all know, a few percent can make a big difference.